If you are low on energy, it can be that your cells are not getting as much oxygen and nutrients as they need in order to function properly.

The technology of BEMER (Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator) is from a European company that provides an FDA registered, Class I device that is changing healthcare as we know it. This technology was discovered by two Harvard doctors in 1972 who went on to be Nobel Prize winners in 1998.

Your body has thousands of miles of tiny capillaries – responsible for getting oxygen and nutrients to all the cells. When general blood flow improves, the body’s ability to heal itself increases, because blood carries the nutrients and oxygen that cells need – and it also carries away the waste products from cell metabolism. BEMER improves blood flow in our circulatory system.

If your body’s 75 trillion cells do not receive what they need, they cannot perform their functions well, general health ultimately suffers, and we age more rapidly. BEMER improves blood flow in the circulatory system where no pharmaceutical product can reach as there are no receptor sites in the small capillaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect from BEMER sessions?

Providing more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and carrying away waste products more rapidly can produce any number of improved health benefits. Among those that have been documented are:

  • Improved Overall Blood Flow and Cardiac Function
  • Increased Physical Fitness and Energy
  • More Restful Sleep Patterns
  • Better Concentration and Mental Acuity
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Reduced Pain and Suffering
  • Improved Functioning of Body Systems

What is a BEMER session in Art’s office like?

You would come into the office and sit in a reclining soft-padded lounge chair, or lie down on a padded table. Under the covering is the B-Body – a full-length pad containing the patented copper coils that generate 1,200 cycles per second of 10 and 30 hz. from 3.5 to 35 microteslas. There is no sound other than the 3 beeps from the timer at the end of each 8-minute cycle.

How Long is a Session?

The control unit is automatically set at 8 minutes. Then this is repeated two more times. In each of the three 8-minute session your body will receive 576,000 bio electrical magnetic energy pulsed stimulations. Total time involved is about 30 minutes per visit.

Will I Feel Anything?

Usually not, but some people actually feel benefits from their first session.

Do I Have to Take My Clothes Off?

No. All sessions are done fully clothed.

How Much Does the Introductory Session Cost?

The initial introductory session of 8 minutes is FREE. This will give you a chance to experience what a session is like and begin receiving health benefits right away.

How Much Does a Package of Sessions Cost?

You may then (or later) decide that you want to purchase a package of sessions.

10 or 20-session packages are available.

Each session is $45, so a package of 10 would be $450 – but you pay $405 – the 10th one is FREE!

A package of 20 sessions would be $900 – but you pay $765 – the 18th, 19th and 20th are FREE.

You may consider owning a BEMER for yourself, your family and friends, and even for your pet! Pets love the BEMER, because they know what is good for them. When yours is turned on they will come running to jump on with you.

And if you have a clinic, spa, health club, holistic center, elder care, or other type of business offering health-related care, you may want to have a BEMER available for your patients or clients.

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